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Girlfriend is used as urinal during Game of Thrones marathon

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4 years ago
A better story than season 8
scooter 4 years ago
Fuck that's hot. I would love to piss in my wifes mouth, and have her piss in my mouth.
Aimee 4 years ago
I would love to have a guy piss on my sweaty body
R Kelly 4 years ago
I see y’all
London007 4 years ago
To everyone that don't like this !People have defrent fetish in sex everyone have things that turn them on .its obvious she is sub girl .
sexprincess 3 years ago
i want to be piss slave
Sweden 2 years ago
Wish my wife is slut, but then you know everyone fuck her on job
Ammonia 3 years ago
This isn’t weird at all
Professor Zubercock 2 years ago
You two are very naughty!!! I love it!
Throw in a little more comedy!
M. Night Shyamalan 2 years ago
The twist where he actually paused it and took it to the bathroom was better than anything in season 8, couldn’t have wrote it better myself!